Maggie Schoonover

CEO, President, Senior Software Engineer

Maggie is actually a degreed meteorologist, but she spends her days running a tech company. Somehow, she went from chasing storms and balancing the ideal gas equation to building awesome websites and streamlining project workflow — but she wouldn't have it any other way. When she isn't building web tools for local businesses, you can find her perfecting her scone recipe while planning her next vacation.


Greg Crown

CTO, Vice President, Senior Software Engineer

Greg likes problem solving. He also likes popcorn and silly movies. Unfortunately, he only gets paid for one of these things. Greg has spent over half his life building businesses and web solutions for local communities in Iowa and Kansas. When he isn't learning a new coding language or launching your new website, you can find him making fresh salsa in the kitchen or beating you at your favorite game.


Margaret Schoonover

CFO, Human Resources

Margaret makes the ship sail smoothly. After years of managing a variety of people and organizations, she knows how to wear many hats (and yet her hair is never out of place). Not only does she balance the books and tighten the purse strings, she is also our biggest cheerleader. When she isn't keeping us grounded, you can find her cutting a bouquet of roses or playing in the creek with her grandchildren.

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