Game Jam v1.0 Success!


Game Jam v1.0 -- our pilot program/team building/entrepreneurial exercise to plan, build, and launch a new idea in 1 day. The exercise itself was a success in that we all learned more about our own technical skills, the strengths of our team, and the roles we each play in an agile development environment. We also learned that dedicated new product development is a nice break from legacy support :P

The bad news: We did not finish the product because awesome products are not built in a day (at least, not while learning new roles and new tech stacks at the same time). We definitely should have given ourselves 3+ days for this effort. Also, jamming that hard for 8 hours straight is EXHAUSTING.

The good news: we believe in our little idea so much that the team has committed to additional game jams and weekly working sessions to get this new IP finished and out the door. Stay tuned for updates on our creation!