PHP 5.6 & 7.0 are dead - time to upgrade!

Security support for PHP 5.6 & 7.0 ends December 31, 2018 (Source: PHP Supported Versions). With nearly 80% of all PHP websites still running on PHP 5.x, there are millions of websites at risk. Assuming your servers, websites or web applications are already updated could lead to an unwelcome surprise.Any servers, websites or web applications still running PHP 5.6 by New Years Eve will be at increased risk for security breaches and hackers. If you haven’t already started your upgrade process...
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PSPO I Course at WSU Center for Entrepreneurship

The PSPO I Course hosted at the WSU Center for Entrepreneurship was a great success! Overall, we had 13 students attend from all over the midwest, including Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. The two-day course was lead by Ty Crockett and Dr. Tess Thompson, both of Improving. Course attendees (myself and Greg included) spent all day learning about Scrum, the role of the Product Owner within the Scrum framework, and how to improve the agility of our businesses now. We are so thankful to Ty an...
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