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Maggie Schoonover


With nearly 15 years in tech, Maggie’s passion for people and process is evident throughout the Smash organization. A certified Scrum Product Owner, her penchant for technology began after she got her degree in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma, where she was introduced to web development at her first job out of school. From there, the industry’s advancement has only fueled her fire, which has translated to the recruitment of equally tech-passionate members to the Smash team. When she’s not finding new ways to streamline workflow, you can find her perfecting her scone recipe at home, while planning her next vacation.

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Greg Crown


Never one to back away from a challenge, Greg has spent over half his life building teams around web-based solutions across the Midwest. As a certified Scrum Master, “Team” is Greg’s middle name. You’ll routinely find him ideating, problem solving, or learning a new language right alongside another member of the troupe. At home, though, he’s either making fresh salsa to share or challenging someone to a game of basketball while scheming toward Smash’s next venture.

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Margaret Schoonover


Margaret makes the ship sail smoothly. After years of managing a variety of people and organizations, she knows how to wear many hats (and yet her hair is never out of place). Not only does she balance the books and tighten the purse strings, she is also our biggest cheerleader. When she isn’t keeping us grounded, you can find her cutting a bouquet of roses or playing in the creek with her grandchildren.


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Full Stack

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Full Stack, DevOps

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Front End

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